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This is DaMeiSha aka Q.T. Menace aka Ms. Beasley. I'm from Chicago, IL and currently reside in Phoenix, AZ. I am an artist and producer bringing a fresh infusion of class, skill and variety to the industry. I feel like we need a revolution of classy boogie, inspiration and life in the music industry. I am indeed an unashamed Christian and am unapologetic about my kingdom assignment. To all my Christian brothers and sisters, enjoy the boogie, once you get over your fear that imma fall! And to the rest of yall, thanks for the support and. . . Enjoy the boogie yall!

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DaMeiSha aka Ms. Beasley aka QT Menace. . . . is a Christian Artist, Producer, as well as the Founder of Kingdom Come Records. Her range of Production includes Spoken Word, Dance Instrumentals, CHH, Contemporary Gospel, Praise & Worship, Soundtracks, Songwriting, R&B, Soul and even Hip-Hop.

She is from Chicago, IL but currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.

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